We Create the Foundation for Extraordinary Design

What We Do

Our approach tethers to a strong belief that a rich concept is necessary for extraordinary design. 

With concept, comes story. And with story, comes human connection. 

By telling stories through design, we breathe significance into our spaces, our gatherings, and our messaging. 

This significance changes the game.

Design is the creation of concept and the unfolding of that concept into form.

That form can take many shapes. We begin with the premise that everything is possible.


Commercial, Retail & Hospitality


Residential Refresh

Public Spaces


Events & Festivals

Gatherings & Activations


Visual Expression

Brand Ideation

Projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Actually, that's how we like it. 

Send us an email or give us a call. No obligation attached. It will be a pleasure to simply make your acquaintance.


We're FirehorseWest and we measure moments by how far they exceed expectations.