Inventive design concepts for standout retail, restaurant, office, residential and event spaces

What We Do

We transform ordinary spaces into unexpected, inspired environments for those places we Live, Work + Play. And we begin with the premise that everything is possible.

Design is the creation of concept and the unfolding of that concept into form.

That form can take many shapes. 


Fixed + Pop-up environments the press will want to talk about


Spirited spots carved into home: think Fun-Rooms and Lounges, Bombshell Baths, Statement Foyers, + Home Offices that make work play


Concept driven experience design for fleeting spaces: think store openings, holiday strolls, and experiential parties + gatherings

Projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Creativity should not be constrained by budget. It's worth noting that often, within the boundaries of limitation, creativity sparks brightest. 

Whether delivering design concepts to simply get you going or seeing them through to built completion—we'll get you there. We'll make your space spectacular.

Send us an email or give us a call. No obligation attached. It will be a pleasure to simply make your acquaintance.

We're FirehorseWest and we measure moments by how far they exceed expectations.