Spirited Spaces are somewhat rare in commodity. We'd like to change that.

About Us

Nice to meet you. I'm Kri, Founder and CCO.

FirehorseWest was born from the compulsion to contemplate what a space could—and should—be, rather than what it is.

Ours is a team with deep experience spanning the disciplines of film, theater, design, construction, and user experience.  

The work we do is rooted in the tenets of set production—light, perspective, movement + meaning. And we are tethered to the truth that by weaving ‘why’ into design we create those singular and successful spaces that translate to exceptional and brilliant businesses. 

We are multi-faceted thinkers who understand the importance of balancing realistic pathways with strategic and exceptionally unique design. We know this to be possible and of great consequence. And we find this approach lacking around us.

Somehow, in this very large world, we’ve crossed paths. Let’s shake things up. 

In favor of a world less ordinary,

Why FireHorse?

A Fire Horse was a strong, steady, quick, and efficient creature with the ability to remain calm around a multitude of distractions. They were a rare breed, representing the most steadfast of workhorses. The Firehorse of mythology ran with such speed it left sparks in its trail.

Why West?

The West is symbolic of new starts, new horizons, and new ways of thinking. It represents the pioneering spirit in search of progress and abundance. West signifies what lies beyond. And yes—we work from the inspirational Berkshire Mountains of Western MA.