Spirited Spaces are somewhat rare in commodity. We'd like to change that.

Founder + CCO

Nice to meet you. I'm Kri.

I believe in travelling extra miles to land in exceptional places. 

It's from these outlooks that we find the most interesting perspectives.

The Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts provide endless vistas. People come here to play, to explore, and to settle down in a place that itself does not settle. 

Enter spirited design.

Having spent my early career in film, my work draws deeply upon the tenets of cinema—light, perspective, movement + meaning. 

The very thing I do today is that which I whiled the hours away with at the age of five. I day-dream. It is a willingness [or perhaps compulsion] to contemplate what could be, instead of what already is. 

I design those unseen possibilities, balancing relevancy with the unexpected. I enjoy unearthing that very fine line and in building a case for others to want to walk it with me. There’s a certain adrenaline that comes with communicating a true idea. And I find the process of exciting others nearly as exciting as the thing itself. 


... brings concept design—that strategic first step toward successful spaces, places, and messaging—to the Berkshires. Somehow, we’ve crossed paths. Here's to that.

In favor of a world less ordinary,