Spirited spaces are somewhat rare in commodity. I'd like to change that.


Nice to meet you. I'm Kri.

I believe in travelling extra miles to land in exceptional places. 

It's from these outlooks that we find the most interesting perspectives.

The Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts is a land of endless vistas. People come here to play, to explore, and to settle down in a place that itself does not settle. I've never believed man-made spaces should settle, either. 

Enter spirited design.

I founded FirehorseWest to bring inventive, concept-driven design to the Berkshires.

I spent the early part of my career in film and theater. The work I did there informs the work I do now in design. It draws deeply upon the tenets of cinema--light, perspective, movement + meaning. 

As an editor, I learned the power of cues that get passed along through pattern, balance, and juxtaposition. As choreographer, I told stories through movement and composition. And as a director, I brought the many moving parts of a production together to present a unified narrative with a compelling essence. 

Immersive, experiential environments have always been my calling. 

And here we are.

On a mission to make the world a bit less ordinary—one extraordinary space at a time.